Welcome to SAIFE!

The Society for Applied Investing and Financial Education (SAIFE) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is sponsored by Oakland University. SAIFE's purpose is to empower students and community members in the Tri-County area (Oakland, Wayne, & Macomb) to develop their financial and investing intelligence through financial education, experiential learning, and applied investing opportunities.

At SAIFE, we place a strong emphasis on experiential learning and integrative thinking in our educational outreach mission. Two key methods are used in accomplishing that goal:

1) Practical Financial Education - A unique combination of university professors and real-world financial professionals offer their wisdom and insights regarding key financial decisions in our bi-weekly meetings.
2) Portfolio Management - See our Endowment Fund page for more details.

Would you like to learn how to better manage your finances? Are you interesting in building wealth and planning for the future? Do you want to know more about investing and finance? Are you an ambitious person who wants to be around like-minded individuals? If so, SAIFE is the society for you!